Roller Coaster

This quilt is killing me.  I must have looked at it twenty times already today.  And it's not yet four o'clock.  My first glimpse of it was in the wee hours of the morning, when I was awakened by a foot cramp and couldn't get back to sleep.  Rather than toss and turn, I got up and looked at the blogs.  And there on Katy's blog was this stunner.  I sat there and soaked it up.  And then tried again to go back to sleep.  Hah!

The pattern is through Fat Quarterly, a little e-zine that I've successfully resisted for a year and a half.  Well, not any more!  As soon as I can get some other things wrapped up, I'm going to start making [what may be the first of many versions of] this amazing quilt.  I'm thinking William Morris, French General, batiks . . . . . where to start!!!!  I'm going to be rolling and coasting for quite some time, I'm afraid.


Janet O. said…
Roller Coasters are always fun in the summertime!
Bobbi said…
Love it in its simplicity. May have to join you! The choice of fabrics could make this go in many different directions, as long as there's no loop-de-upside-down-loop, I'm there!