Independence Day, 2011

Yes, thank you, we had a very nice Independence Day Near Philadelphia.  Two-thirds of our kids and three-quarters of our grandchildren were here.  They attended the morning events at the park, including the peanut scramble, foot races, and decorated stroller competition.  After lunch and a bit of down time, they attended the parade and returned home hungry.  We had a huge pot-luck picnic here, and then everyone settled in on our front lawn to watch the fireworks.  It was a really, really good holiday.

Here are some more photos of our honored guests.

His stroller was beautifully decorated, but his parents chose not to enter the competition.  I suspect they didn't want to make anyone feel bad.

Getting the best possible look at the parade is very important.

The day was not without some minor disappointments, but a smooth and complete recovery on the part of a tired little girl.

Speaking of tired, this whole parade thing can be exhausting!


Looks like a good day all around. We fondly celebrate my younger sister’s birthday and tease about Firecracker Babies and Grandpa running a diaper up the flagpole at the BBQ on the farm.
Karen said…
I was just reading your Schnibbles post and I say good for you! I'm all for trying new things.
Janet O. said…
Looks like great fun! I love time with the grandkids and I love Independence Day. What a combo!
antique quilter said…
nothing better then having little ones around to enjoy any holiday.
cute pictures, thanks for sharing
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Terrific post, thank you for sharing some of your favorite people, and your celebration, with all of us.
Love those grandkid pix. They're worth celebrating the adorable things!
NoVA Dad said…
July 4 in Washington is nice, but July 4 in the city where independence was declared must be incredible. Glad to see that you and the family had a great day!