The Details

When I wrote about meeting up with Mrs. Goodneedle and Salem Stitcher, I omitted a few details.  Such as where we ate, which was Neo Cantina, located in a beautiful section of Asheville.  I would have loved the opportunity to spend more time shopping around in that area.  The restaurant was terrific; I'd go back in a minute if I had the chance.  I had a mango chicken salad with honey-lime dressing and it was superb.  The chips and guacamole were darned good, too.

I also didn't mention that my friends each had something for me.  Take a look at this fantastic cow that Lisa made!

I wouldn't have suspected Debbie of being a bag lady.  Just goes to show you how wrong a person can be.

She thought I should have a special, personalized bag to hold my COW quilt when I get it made, and she decided to provide it for me!  If you click to make the photo larger, you'll see that in the toile fabric, there are some widdle biddy cows.

Wasn't that just the nicest thing to do?


antique quilter said…
I LOVE that tote bag!
haven't met a toile I didn't like!
Quiltdivajulie said…
This is just strengthening my resolve to plan a trip someday!

Great bag and LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple cow!
Janet O. said…
I haven't seen a purple cow I didn't love!
And the back is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift for you.
LizA. said…
You have to stop teasing us ith all of these individual cows and get that quilt put together! Love the tote bag!
Even though you have many COWS for your quilt, I think THIS one is my favorite. It is a gen-u-wine COW with a great face. And the bag is nice, too.