First Flimsy of 2014

The new year has gotten off to a fine start, in the quilting department anyway.

I need to make some quilts for some Very Important Babies who will be born this spring. When I decide to make a baby quilt without a specific recipient in mind, I tend towards pinks and lavenders. So I decided that I would make a quilt for a boy.

The last time Glorious Color had scrap bags, I bought two: one was cool prints and the other was cool stripes and shot cottons. I used these fabrics (and one piece of blue hand-dyte) to make the flying geese plus some other Westminster scraps I had around to finish the Louisiana blocks. The alternate blocks are tiny black dots on white. I like it and think I am going to try to machine quilt it.

As intended, I did get out my Emily Cier book and opened it to the Pinwheels page. I picked out some fabrics (yes, pink) and am ready to start on a girl baby quilt as soon as I solve the problem of drawing 12 or 15 inch circles on freezer paper. My compass makes circles up to 6". Joe is going to check the size of his. I may adapt Emily's pattern to include smaller-than-15-inch circles.

Meanwhile, another participant in the Retro TV Stars swap is interested in a side swap, so I need to dig out my blacks-whites-greys and go back to the stars pattern book.

I love to sew.


Unknown said…
Measure your plates Nancy - you never know you might just be lucky and have the right sized ones in the cupboard - love the pinwheels
LizA. said…
This is just lovely, love the geese in the pinwheels and the dots are just perfect! If you don't have a compass big enough, tie a string to a pencil and the other end to something with a sharp point but thicker than a pin, like a small nail or even a skewer. You will probably need and extra set of hands to help hold the nail steady in the center and keeping the string taught, rotate your pencil around the nail.
Janet O. said…
Liz and Anne both had good suggestions to make it work, regardless of your compass size.
It is a great baby boy quilt, Nancy! : )
Barbara Anne said…
Applause!!! You've really hit the quilting ground running, so to speak!

Love the little boy quilt, the blocks, the colors, and the fabrics! Well done in having this top finished ahead of the need.

Good ideas for circle drawing!

I finished one little quilt by making and sewing the label on, and finished two bindings during the first 3 days of this year. Now I am wondering what quiltie endeavor will be for today?