Basel or Bust!

After our morning at Notre-Dame du Haut, our most obliging host delivered us to the bus stop in Ronchamps. We were very glad that we had managed to get our tickets the day before, as this bus stop consisted of a sign and little more! No building, no computer, no ticket agent! The bus ride again was scenic, and before long we'd been delivered to the train station. When we were planning our trip, we had two options from Ronchamp: Back to Paris or on to Basel (Switzerland). It seemed to be six of one/half a dozen of the other, and on to Basel we went!

Hotel Basel is a contemporary hotel located in an ancient area, right near the marketplace. It was larger than our usual kind of place, but we liked it very much. The reception people spoke excellent English and were helpful. The room was almost big enough and had a nice shower. Breakfast was extra; we had it the first morning and it was very good.

Basel is situated on the Rhine, a more attractive river than the Seine had been. We saw a Viking ship or two. And we also saw this little boat which intrigued both of us. Its purpose was to carry people back and forth across the river using only a rudder and a cable. No sail, no motor.

On Friday morning our destination was the cathedral (of course), so we walked down to the waterfront, crossed the river on foot by bridge, and strolled down to where the ferry docked. We had acquired a handful of Swiss Francs, paid our fare and climbed aboard.

The trip across the river was short and pleasant. The boatman was pleasant and easy-going. There were just a few passengers.

Once back on "our" side of the Rhine, we climbed many steps to get to the cathedral; it had been built during the Middle Ages. While we were there someone climbed up behind us into the loft and began to play the organ. What a treat!

Then it was back into the marketplatz area where we had a terrific sausage sandwich lunch.

We had just two nights and one day in this charming city, whetting our appetite for a return to Switzerland. We walked and wandered in and out of shops and found prices to be higher than in France (nice fabric at $25-$35 per meter did not tempt me). We ate rosti one night for dinner and Joe did make some purchases at a wonderful stationery shop.

We'd had a wonderful two weeks away, and it was time to come home.


Frog Quilter said…
I am enjoying your travels. Wetting my appetite for another European trip.
Barbara Anne said…
What wonderful and interesting tales of your European vacation and wonderful photos, too.

Decades ago we had an exchange student in our high school senior class who was from Basel and Stephan was pleased to talk about the beautiful city he called home.

Yikes! Methinks that fabric wouldn't tempt me either.

Janet O. said…
Looks like a lovely city for strolling, and it sounds like you racked up the steps on the Fitbit!
Yikes--I don't think I would be a quilter, at those prices!
Lori said…
Lovely idea to go to Basel!
Margie said…
Loved your trip report. Seeing so much without getting on an airplane is my idea of good traveling.