Les Andyles

On Monday morning while we were cruising up the river, Viking provided a lovely demonstration on how to make a Tarte au Citron and even provided a take-home recipe. This was the last of the educational offerings; I didn't attend many, but they included basic elements of French language, French cheese, the life of Joan of Arc and were excellent. And certainly the sample of lemon tart was excellent -- I'll be trying it here at home before long. 

After lunch we arrived in Les Andelys where Joe and I opted to take different paths. He joined the group climbing up to the castle of Richard the Lionheart and I began with the group taking the leisurely walking tour through the village. It was a bit too leisurely for me and before long I broke off and meandered around on my own.

I thought I would share some of the different things each of us found important enough to photograph.

Part One: Things Joe photographed

He actually took a lot more photographs than these, and -- of course -- some were of the church (which we visited separately), but I wanted room for my pictures!

Part Two: Things Nancy photographed

There were several art galleries but only a few shops. One that was open had this lovely pile of quilts.

This collection of table linens put me in mind of French General fabrics!

Right in the middle of town with the church to the left.

There were many homes that looked like this.

The church.


The door hinge.

New life coming soon!


Barbara Anne said…
What wonderful photos and excellent narrative from you. Thank you again! Richard the Lionheart's home? Wow! I especially love the door hinge.

Did you bring home any one (or more) of those yummy table linens or take time to pet the quilts?

Janet O. said…
It is, after all, YOUR blog and your photos should take precedence. : )
I enjoy seeing the different things that caught your eye. Want that door hinge--and some of those linens.