Louis and Marie's Place

Our last day with Viking found us going on the optional excursion to Versailles.

Viking very wisely had us get up early and we were among the very first to arrive at the palace. Our wonderful guide -- the same one who had accompanied us on one of our Paris excursions -- entrusted me with her guide-stick while she went in to get the tickets for the group.

You can see in the background that this palace is a popular place for those hordes of Chinese tourists and, as usual, once we were inside, they were pushing and shoving and taking selfies in every room.

There isn't a whole lot to say. If you've ever wondered what "over the top" really means, go to Versailles.

It seems that the palace has more than 1000 rooms (we visited about fifteen), and acres and acres of gardens.

So I'll just leave you with a handful of photos. 

That evening we had the task of packing everything up for our 9:00 a.m. departure. We've learned to be light travelers. Neither of us likes to deal with retrieving checked luggage so we travel with a carry-on and a backpack apiece. My small purse goes inside of the backpack. When we are packing to go away, I'll say to Joe, "Do you like this shirt?" When he says he does, I tell him, "Good, because you're going to be seeing a lot of it!" I always take along a little tote bag that folds up into practically nothing in case we buy a lot of things to bring home. Then we check my carry-on and I carry the tote. This hasn't happened in a while. 

So we packed and went to bed fairly early. As wonderful as our time aboard Rinda had been, the very best part of our trip was still to come!


Barbara Anne said…
Wow. The opulence of Versailles is just astonishing.

The travel expertise you two have honed is also astonishing but in a less luxurious way, of course!

How can where we go next be better that where you've already been on this trip?

Quiltdivajulie said…
Beautiful photos of an amazing place - but we both know the reality of a place is larger than any photo can capture. I can only imagine the scale of that place.
Janet O. said…
You look very official holding the sign. : )
Now I know why the peasants were so upset!