Sacred Ground

Sunday, April 3, was one of the very few days that we didn't enter at least one church. But that is not to say that we did not set foot on sacred ground. It was a long day; we left the ship by eight o'clock in the morning and returned just before seven at night.

We visited Omaha Beach, the cemetery at Normandy, and  the D-Day Museum at Arromanches. We had our lunch in Arromanches, a sweet little village where I took this photograph.

At the cemetery, when we got off the bus, Viking had provided large tubs of various colors of roses. We were invited to take one to lay at a grave. Joe has loved the TV series "Band of Brothers" and he looked for a representative from that particular division for his rose. I chose not to lay a flower. We were free to walk and wander at the cemetery for nearly an hour; then we were gathered at the flagpole for a small ceremony honoring the fallen. At the conclusion, members of our own group who had been willing to risk their lives for their country were honored and it was moving to see how many there were.

This is a short post with not many words. The photographs, I think, are more eloquent.

German bunker at Arromanches


Lori said…
I bet that was touching. I'd love to see Normandy.
I'm a fan of Band of Brothers too.
Janet O. said…
It did seem ironic that Sunday was the day you didn't enter a church, but you truly were on hallowed ground! Gives me chills thinking about it.
Barbara Anne said…
Sacred ground, indeed. One of the heartwarming episodes of that sad war was the bravery of many British sailors on England's east coast who took their boats and went to sea to rescue as many soldiers from the beaches as was possible. Chills and tears here.

You're right, no words needed.

Hey Nancy.........enjoying your trip to girlfriend and her husband are there at the moment and she is also blogging her trip.........