On to Giverny and Vernon

A highlight of the trip occurred on Friday morning, when we went to Giverny and visited Monet's house and garden. The guide was knowledgable and shared a biographical sketch of the artist as we drove to the site. Once there, we were left on our own for a little while and then reassembled for the tour of Monet's home. The property had just reopened for the season, and it was a little bit early if one wanted to see the full blooming garden, but we saw enough, and didn't mind that it was early.

After the tour of the house and garden, we had free time in the tiny village of Giverny. There was a cafe where Joe and I first went for a hot chocolate. Then we split up. I visited the impressionist museum and did a little bit of shopping; he, of course, went to see the church and Monet's grave.

After a nice lunch aboard Rinda, we decided to forego the guided tour of Vernon and just explore on our own. We liked Vernon quite a bit.

I went into a pharmacy to pick up some medicine that we needed and when we came out, my beloved told me he had a surprise for me. He was carrying an exquisite little decorated box with handles. We walked over to the square near the schools and watched as parents came to pick up their children. The boys and girls were dressed in costumes much like our kids do for Halloween. It seems that is how April Fool's Day is celebrated in France. When Joe opened the little box, inside was a macaron. We had heard about them for a few days but had not indulged as yet.

It was amazing (and you know I do not use that word loosely).

The church in Vernon was large, old, and classic. But I was surprised at the contemporary windows, which struck me as being impressionistic.


Janet O. said…
You go to the coolest places!
Yes, I was surprised to see you use the word "amazing". It really must have been! : )
I am surprised by the stained glass windows too but they are beautiful!
OT Quilter said…
Lovely. And that's some macaroon! Thanks for taking us along on your journey.
Barbara Anne said…
What a delight - from the tour, to the free time, to the shopping, to the church, the grave, and the stained glass windows! Oh, and that amazing macaroon. :)

Quiltdivajulie said…
What an interesting April Fool's Day custom! Were those the original windows?