Days One and Two on Rinda: Paris Excursion

We slept a bit late on Wednesday morning, and after another nice breakfast at the Pullman, Joe decided he had to climb the Eiffel Tower. You can probably imagine my reply when invited to climb along. Let's just say that morning I made some progress on my reading, did a masterful job of packing up, and thoroughly inspected the room before meeting up in the lobby. I really needed an easy day.

It was time to board Rinda. Arnaud, the Viking rep at the Pullman whom I'd come to adore ("It can be done! It can be done!") bid us a fond farewell and surrendered us to a bus driver who delivered us to Le Pecq where Rinda was docked. We were welcomed aboard and shown to our cabin, and then invited to a lovely buffet lunch served in the Aquavit Lounge.

After lunch, Joe elected to go to the optional walking tour of St. Germain en Laye, the little village at the pier. I think there might have been a church there.

I settled into the cabin and got us organized for the coming week. The cabin seemed a little bigger than what we are used to on Star Clippers ships, but Joe said it was the same size. I explored the ship and had a tiny nap and soon Joe had returned.

Thursday morning, we were still in Le Pecq for another day and set out for the first major excursion: Another bus tour of Paris, slightly different from the first, a visit to Notre Dame, a group lunch and then the highlights of the Louvre. Viking does an excellent job with excursions: (1) the guides are superb; (2) the groups are small, usually about 15-20 people; (3) little battery-powered listening devices are provided for hearing the guide once inside the venue. 

I don't know why I love this photo that Joe took through the bus window so much. But I do love it; yes, we had a great deal of rain in Paris, but those bright umbrellas seem to symbolize the bright spirits we encountered everywhere.

This time at Notre Dame there were no groups of rude tourists, and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing this choir as we wandered around.

Yes, we saw her, and yes, her eyes did seem to follow us around! Very different to see her up close and personal rather than just a picture. I was able to get right up to the railing in front of her. In this photo that Joe took, I find it interesting to see the reflections of the other viewers' faces!


Barbara Anne said…
How very interesting! Love the umbrella picture and I love the faces reflected in The Mona Lisa, too. How cool is that?

Janet O. said…
Great images! The rainy photo makes me think of impressionist paintings.
How cool to see "her" up close and personal.