It's the Little Things

My office at the school for autistic children isn't very fancy. It's kind of tucked behind a wall and I share it with someone. I have one of those old computer hutch contraptions with an ancient computer and I have a big table with one drawer. (Actually, there are two drawers, but there is a third person who uses my space when I'm not there, so she has one of the drawers.)

I've been wanting to make it more personal. But I didn't want to spend money on a bulletin board. Then I saw this very cute idea on Pinterest, printed it out, and asked Himself if he thought he could replicate it.

He could. And he did. I'm delighted. You can see a couple of photos. And the mug rug Janet made for me. In another week, I'll add a couple of leaves. Sweet.


Janet O. said…
I am flattered that the mug rug has a place there. I should make you something more in your current color preferences.
I must say I like this idea. Minimalism is not my thing but I can appreciate this, lol.
xx, Carol
Sue said…
So cute and practical. A great way to personalize a space.

Did you delete your blog list? Or is this something blogger did?
Barbara Anne said…
Nice! I, too, hung a small quilt in the last office nook I had in the working world. What cheer small, personal things add and the schedules and calendar pages are just plain useful. Do you need an additional "clothesline" for your desk-mate to use?

Cheers for your handy sweetie!

Tanya said…
That's a very cute way to display things. Especially for a small space! My friend made something similar and added fabric triangles just to give her window a bit of color.