Just 80 Minutes: Part Four

My eighty minutes of paper piecing were done in several stints this week, and actually came out to more than eighty minutes. I pieced twelve more arcs and find I am ripping out less and less, most often when I am tired and pick up the wrong fabric, not because I have placed the fabric inaccurately. I'm going to continue with these arcs until I have enough for nine wheels and then  add the centers and shoulders. I have a final plan.


Janet O. said…
These are very striking.
Always good to have a plan. : )
In my 80 minutes last week I made the best Gluten Free cookies I have ever made. Yesterday I improved on my gluten free brownies. This week I think I will attempt a quick bread and another type of cookie. This has been so good to get me out of my comfort zone and try new things I have been avoiding.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Very nice circles -- good for you!
Barbara Anne said…
Your 80+ minutes once again gave you wonderful blocks to use as you choose to! The colors and quadrant spacing makes these blocks so very interesting! Good use of your imagination for the organization of the colors, too. I look forward to seeing your final layout for these outstanding blocks!

In my 80 min., I'm making two wee thank-you quilts (like double length mug rugs) for two quiltie friends who have each done me a thoughtful and kind favor. One is being made with Halloween fabrics and the other, with Autumn fabrics. If I had more energy these would be quick to make. Oh, well! :)