Just 80 Minutes: Part Five

At this point, I'm feeling confident with this particular paper-piecing pattern. I'm ready to move on to something more complex (that isn't just the same element over and over), but have made a commitment to nine of these spoked wheels -- they'll make a really cute baby quilt, I think. I've picked out centers for the wheels and affixed one set. I like how they look. I'll be taking this along on this weekend's retreat and hoping to finish it. Then next week I'll spend my 80 minutes with a different paper-piecing project.


Janet O. said…
These are so pretty, Nancy! I like the way the center circles are quartered. Nice detail.
I am interested to see what you have chosen to tackle next.
Barbara Anne said…
Well done! These spoked wheels are a wonderful result of your improving paper-piecing skills! What color background fabric are you considering? The black is very striking, but perhaps a bit dark for a baby quilt. Or not!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Congratulations on the learning process!