Just 80 Minutes: Part Three

Again, I spent way more than 80 minutes in the past week working on Pickle Dish segments.

I do believe I've finally got the hang of it.

At some point, Himself began referring to them as "those sharks' mouths you are sewing." I liked that.

In the week ahead, I will either piece more of the arcs that I did the first week or play with a little pattern that I bought.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Shark mouths - awesome description!!! I vote that you play with the little pattern you purchased - you deserve a break from those sharp teeth.
Janet O. said…
I love the new name for these blocks. Very descriptive!
For one who is not a fan of paper piecing, you are doing a great job hanging in there!!
Nann said…
And here I urged you to get back to your blog, then I tune in to find a half-dozen posts I hadn't seen. (Bloglovin' has a strange algorithm for updating.) Now that I'm caught up with B,NP -- Is Italy your favorite European country? (Lovely snapshots.) Thanks for the 80-minutes idea. I think the concept is similar to the trick I play on myself. If I need to make a number of units, cut many pieces, or press a stack of parts, I tell myself to do "just one more." Frequently the one more becomes several more and I have that task done. . . . Anyway, it's great to read your posts again!

P.S. The pattern that I used for the New York Beauty blocks I made earlier this year included templates for rough-cutting. Those were SO helpful in keeping the pieces not-too-small yet not-too-large.
Barbara Anne said…
Love these blocks and the new name that is so apt. A pat on the back for your witty sweetie!

Well done on plowing onward until you became comfortable with this process! Your fabric choices are a delight, too!

We're keeping an eye on Matthew as you probably are, too. My prayer for this and all other hurricanes is that they stay out to sea. The ships and planes can get out of the way.

Ms. Jan said…
Oh I adore Pickle Dish. On the "Bucket List." Yours are lovely?