Summer Projects

 Eight of us, more or less, meet on the first (or second) Tuesday of each month to do hand sewing. This has been going on for a long time; I can't remember how many years. Each year in April or May we choose some sort of a charity project to do independently over the summer. This year we came up with two options: One was to make lap quilts for veterans in wheelchairs; the second was to make quilts for The Baby Bureau. We have until the October meeting to complete our projects and that is when we have the ingathering.

Emily made this beauty for a veteran.

I forgot to take my quilts to the meeting at Marsha's, so today, before they were headed off to The Baby Bureau, I photographed the ones that I made on the back deck.

I love being part of this little group and love it that we take the time to share our talent with others.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Hugs to each and all of you - comfort quilts ARE important!
Being a member of this group of ladies goes far deeper than creating quilts for a worthy cause. This is what "they" mean when they say feed your soul. I would love to be more extrovert and seek out a group like this. All of the quilts are lovely.
Barbara Anne said…
What a wonderful array of quilts, made with talents and love, for those who need to be warm and feel cherished. Your group of hand quilters do have BIG hearts!

Janet O. said…
That is the type of sewing group I think I would enjoy. You ladies are doing lovely, meaningful work.