Just 80 Minutes: Part Six

I've finished the 36 paper-pieced segments and added centers and shoulders, and sewn them together into nine wheels. Three of them are pictured here.

I feel very confident with this particular paper-pieced pattern at this point. Someone pointed out that it isn't a very challenging pattern. That's true. The next pattern is more challenging. I'm not sure where I'm going to find 80 minutes this week, but I'll certainly try!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Honestly - they pointed out it was a straightforward pattern in a technique you were uncomfortable with? Sheesh! Congratulations on your progress.
Janet O. said…
When you are starting out to polish your paper piecing skills it isn't expected to start with the most challenging patterns, is it? I think this one presents plenty of challenge, and you have done a beautiful job!
Barbara Anne said…
I, too, find this pattern interesting and not at all easy, tho I imagine it's easier and easier as you repeat the process. That's how I found 4 paper-pieced Christmas tress I managed to do successfully a decade or so ago. The repetition helped a lot.

Your color choices and placement are stellar and I look forward to seeing this wonderful quilt come together!