Just 80 Minutes: Part Seven

Well, y'know, it turns out that the "not very challenging" paper pieced spokes pattern really paid off for me. Those 36 arcs went together very easily and in the process, my body-memory mastered the steps for getting everything in the right place. Body-memory is my own term; there may be an official one. It's like when I first started working at the hospital, where the Emergency Room is a bit like a labyrinth, after a night or so I discovered that my feet knew the way around to do the routine tasks, whether my brain knew it or not. This may not make sense to you. But it does to me. Another way to look at it would be in terms of a musician learning scales in preparation for more complex pieces. Those spokes were my scales.

This week my 80 160 minutes yielded what is in this picture and in the one below. I'm paper piecing a block for a quilt that I'm going to donate to a charity. It is a very specific quilt for a very specific charity and I'm excited about it. I'll tell more in next week's installment.

The block I'm making -- with pretty much success so far -- has six sections to it. Three are finished! The other three are in the second picture, well underway. But I've learned the hard way that when I'm sewing something complicated, when I get tired, to set it aside until another day. So that's what I've done.

I suspect you can guess what my block is, and I'm fine with that. It would seem to mean I've done well!

I must say that during my 80+ minutes this week I have invoked the spirit of my paper piecing godmother. I hope I haven't drained her energy in doing so!

No cats were harmed during this effort.


Janet O. said…
So relieved for the cats!
Is it a ballet dancer? Didn't study closely--that was just my first impression.
In free motion quilting we call it muscle memory.
I just butcher the quote that says, in essence,
"That which you persist in doing becomes easier, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but that your ability to do it has increased." You get the idea.
My 80 minutes last week successfully yielded gluten free, vegan pumpkin cookies for my youngest son's 28th birthday treat. They were pretty good, if a little "healthy" tasting. : )
Carol E. said…
I came here looking for a description of how to make the H-with-arrow Hillary block. I saw somewhere that it was linked to your blog?? Where can I find it, if this is indeed the correct place?
Carol E. said…
Oh, never mind! I found it! I had not gone far back enough.. it was posted in July! Thanks for sharing that. I made one using my bumble fumble method. What you shared is much easier.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Looking forward to seeing what you make next. (and I call it muscle memory)
Barbara Anne said…
Interesting block and I look forward to seeing it complete. Are those legs I see?

I call it "sense memory" and it does work at the handiest times. Perhaps it's akin to the instincts the animals have.

My 80 min. have been spent working on Christmas gift projects and that's timely.