Epic Trip Part Five: Ibiza

On October 28, we awoke to find major activity on deck on the part of the sailmaker. He was performing a major repair on an enormous sail.

We traveled into Ibiza and did not take a tour but chose to wander on our own.

The town had a different kind of a look to it; I can't explain exactly what it was. But it was interesting.

I guess I've been with an architect too long: At one point we found an art museum to visit and I was more intrigued with the design of the building than I was with any of the art within!

Ibiza Street Scene 1

Ibiza Street Scene 2

Ibiza Street Scene 3

Art Museum 1

Art Museum 2

Art Museum 3

Approaching the Fort

Fort 1

Fort 2

Star Flyer at the Port, No Sails Up.


Quiltdivajulie said…
What a way to travel! Cool museum.
AnnieO said…
Very interesting! I have found architecture more interesting than art too, when traveling.
Barbara Anne said…
How interesting! I've always been interested in architecture, at home and everywhere else.

Janet O. said…
Just returning to blogging after my MIL's passing and find you on another grand adventure. I love seeing the world through your eyes!
Have to say, the museum seemed to have lots of open (empty) space. Is that typical of the museums you visit in other countries?
brite said…
Had I known you were in Ibiza I could have stood on my naya and waved at you ( we can see Ibiza from our house here on the Costa Blanca) :) Looks like you're having a wonderful holiday!