Epic Trip Part Nine: Tangier, Morocco

"Come with me to the Casbah!" I said to my sweetie on November 1, and he agreed.

Actually, we knew we would be in Tangier and had signed up for the excursion to not just the casbah but also the medina. We were excited!

Unfortunately, we were to be disappointed. The excursions offered by Star Clippers generally are well planned, of good value, and have excellent guides. This junket had none of those attributes.

Our guide rushed us along, speaking only to the people in the front of the group, and giving us almost no opportunity to stop and take photos, much less to make a purchase.

The casbah and medina were interesting, picturesque places, but for fear of getting separated from the group and lost, I have little to show for this excursion.


Janet O. said…
Oh, that must be so disappointing to have been rushed along on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Barbara Anne said…
What a shame for this guide to have failed to do a good job for all and that everyone couldn't hear. There is no excuse (IMHO) for the guide to have hurried your group along.

Despite the frustrations, the photos are amazing.

Did you hear the Yippee from here this morning? I finished the HST quilt - except for the label. I am elated. :)

Karla said…
I hope you spoke your disappointment to the powers that be on the cruise so they can look into another tour guide or company. Must have been so disappointing. Your photos are lovely.