Epic Trip Part Ten: Of All the Gin Joints . . . .

in all the towns in all the world . . . . we did not walk into his. We'd considered it, but knew that none of the usual suspects would be present. Not Rick. Not Victor or Ilsa. Not Sam. Especially not Sam. We thought it best to just let it be a wonderful story, one that we knew so well, but weren't really part of. Nonetheless, Joe snapped this photograph as we drove by on our excursion that was so excellent that it will require not one but two parts to tell!

After leaving Tangier, we spent a day at sea before arriving at Casablanca on November 3.

The first part of the day, the visit to the Hassan II Mosque, the largest in Morocco, will be in the next post.

After visiting the mosque, our guide took us to visit a Catholic church, a palace, and a market.

The church:

The Palace and surrounding area:

The Market:

It was a wonderful morning with an excellent tour guide. At the market, I bought a bowl and some saffron; Joe bought a small rug. And when we returned to Star Flyer, the musician was playing "As Time Goes By."


Janet O. said…
What a lovely excursion.
Can you get saffron there without mortgaging the farm?
Barbara Anne said…
What marvels to behold! Did you buy anything to bring home from this amazing place?

I have to agree with your decision to give a miss to Rick's Cafe. It just wouldn't have been the same if the folks in the movie (many from France) weren't there to give such a heartwarming and heartfelt rousing rendition of La Marseillaise as was in Casa Blanca. Sigh!

I suppose you know we have snow here near Richmond?

LizA. said…
I just love all the tile work. What a feast for the eyes.