Epic Trip Part Seven: Motril, Spain

On October 30, just after lunch, we arrived in Motril, Spain, where a highlight of our trip was to occur.

We had signed up for this lengthy excursion with great excitement, and we were not disappointed. Our destination was The Alhambra and Generalife (He-ner-a-LEE-fay), and we were fortunate to have one of the best tour guides imaginable.

I cannot begin to describe this place or to tell you how wonderful it is. You know what they say about one picture's being worth a thousand words? Here are a few words plus 13,000 more.

The building was beautiful. The gardens were beautiful. The day was beautiful. The entire experience was wonderful.

And, we were in the very room where Columbus met with the Queen, way back when.


Barbara Anne said…
Incredible and oh, so wonderful an experience you two shared! How enriching to your hearts and imaginations.

Did you see the sashing and cornerstone (on point) pattern to the wall in the photo with the sitting man? I bet you did!

Karla said…
Nancy, thank you so much for your travelogue! I am enjoying it immensely. Trip of a lifetime! Do you have any idea what the writing says on the wall with the sitting man? At least I believe it is writing, aribic or Farsi?
Janet O. said…
Wow--what an experience to stand where such history occurred!
LizA. said…
Ahh, memories of my trip to Spain during my senior year of high school many, many years ago.....The Alhambra and Seville are what I remember from that trip.