Epic Trip Part Twelve: Safi, Morocco

After our visit to Casablanca, I took sick with an unpleasant malady of the gastrointestinal sort. There were a few passengers besides myself who had this, and the ship's nurse said that we'd probably picked up a Moroccan nastiness in Tangier and it took 24 hours to settle in. I was pretty sick for about 18 hours and was very tired afterwards.

The excursion from Safi to Marrakech was an all-day event, traveling three hours each way to get to the oasis. I sent Joe on without me and settled in with my book. He's been kind enough to share his photos with me. And with you.


Nann said…
I've just caught up with your Epic Trip posts. (I'd followed along on FB but it's nice to see the summary version.) What a treat!
Barbara Anne said…
What amazing photos and thanks from me to Joe.

So sorry you and others were sick and had to miss this excursion. When my parents visited Luxor, Egypt, my Dad was similarly sick for a day. A misery at the time but no lasting harm done.