Epic Trip Part Four: Valldemossa and Palma de Mallorca, Spain

October 27 found us in Valldemossa and Palma de Mallorca, Spain. One of the excursion sounded like a rich experience, and we decided to participate. We boarded a tour bus and took a short ride to the village of Valldemossa, home of a gorgeous Carthusian monastery.

Our very knowledgable guide took us through many of the rooms in the monastery, telling us the history of the place, and mentioning that it had been a refuge for Frederic Chopin and Clara Schumann one winter.

This picture was taken in the monastery chapel which was opulent and gorgeous.

Chapel ceiling

Floor area in monastery

Monastery library

Following the monastery tour, we had some free time to walk around the village, get some refreshment, and take in the views.

We were told that the famous refreshment in Valledemossa was hot chocolate and potato roll. It didn't sound very appealing; we were picturing some sort of hashed browns, I guess. But our guide had been terrific and he seemed earnest and we decided to go for it.

And we were very glad that we did. The roll was astonishingly light -- it had been made from potato flour. The chocolate was thick and rich.

We liked it.

Back to the bus we went, and back down into Palma, where our stour continued with a visit to the cathedral. It was a gorgeous cathedral and inside it felt very solid and impenetrable.


Quiltdivajulie said…
SO much beauty you are sharing in these posts and I know what we see here is only a fraction of what you saw and smelled, tasted and felt. Humbling to say the least.
Barbara Anne said…
Wow! What amazing, astonishing, and thrilling craftsmanship surrounded you everywhere - and it sounds like the potato rolls and hot chocolate took a real craftsperson, too!

Epic, indeed! What is next?!