Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Helping a Friend with a Problem

Tanya was troubled. She wrote of having kimono scraps and not knowing what to to do with them. This struck me as a pretty good problem to have. I wrote and told her that if she wanted to trade scraps to let me know what she would like in exchange. Saturday's mail brought a wonderful squishie from Japan. Inside were this splendid assortment of kimono scraps with a note of apology: "They are not all cotton." As if that mattered!
. . . .
I know what to do with these scraps: For a start, fondle them for a good long time! Thank you, dear Tanya!


Donna Hill said...

Hi Nancy, Just dropped by to see what you're up to -- glad to hear it still involves fabric and thread.
Greece? Wow! Maybe by the time you get back I'll have my blog up and running. I started one on Yahoo -- a benefit of membership in the National Federation of the Blind of PA, but I don't really know what I'm doing yet. By that time you will have no doubt received your three requests for 'PIF. Unless you want to take this as a request with the promise that I will do it.
My blog is going to be documenting my efforts to promote the 'Sound in Sight CD for the Performing Arts Division of NFB and whatever else I do to raise awareness about the seventy percent "un"employment rate among healthy working age Americans who happen to be blind -- yeah, it's really that bad.
Rich & I walked into the local Interfaith thrift store with my latest, hand-knitted lap warmer today. Hand-knitted? And, there was me thinking people used needles. they've been giving away my creations for years to elderly folks in the area. I was sad to hear that my old friend Deborah is no longer the director, but when the new director saw me, she said I was just the person she was looking for -- I don't hear that very often. Turns out she wants me to come do a presentation at the Rotary club. I was hoping to talk them into having me back so I could tell them about the CD project, but now I don't have to talk them into it. I'll save all my powers of persuasion for getting them to sponsor me by buying a few CD's I can use for promotions.
How did you get into Harry Potter, by the way? Hope this isn't too long.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely scraps to ponder over and fondle. Lucky you! What will you do? I can't wait... I know how excited you must be getting for the BIG trip; I'm excited for you just thinking about it!

LoieJ said...

I've seen overdyed kimono material for sale for big $$ at major quilt shows. It would seem a shame to dye it, to me.

Susan said...

Just the best kind of problem! Those are beautiful. Nice swap!

Samantha said...

Wow! What a great swap to make!