Leavin' On A Jet Plane

"Well, my bags are packed; I'm ready to go. . . ."

Well, not quite. There are suitcases in the guest room, and the bed is loaded with possibilities. The dilemma of taking too much vs. taking too little to wear. And exactly what those articles of clothing should be. This morning I said to Joe, "Don't wear anything today that you plan to take tomorrow. I'm going to wash when I get home after school." So I followed my own instructions and he said, "You look nice. That looks like an outfit you should take on the trip." Oy.

Whatever. That part will all work out somehow. The housesitter comes tonight for orientation, the wills are updated, and the emergency contact info has been provided to the kids. The cat is suspicious; he knows something is going on.

The really important things are in order: A good book, a new collection of sudoku puzzles, camera and batteries, sun cream, and most importantly: fingerwork! I have packed my three remaining blocks for Time Began in a Garden and also my three PIF projects to keep me sewing and happy while I'm away.

We leave for Greece tomorrow! It seems unbelievable.

I'll be back on the 27th -- until then: Khairete!


Unknown said…
reminds me of the sign that said eat here and get gas.
Unknown said…
i have no idea where the previous comment came from. some senior moment.

Laurie Ann said…
Wow, have an absolutely fabulous time!! Can't wait to see the pics.
atet said…
Have a FANTASTIC trip!
tami said…
Wow. That sounds great. Have a fantastic time.
Anonymous said…
Nancy - I hope you have a fabulous trip! The packing thing is always a challenge, isn't it?

Congratulations on reaching such a happy milestone anniversary :-)

Ms. Jan said…
Have a wonderful time Nancy and Joe and Happy Anniversary!!!!!
Safe Trip!!
Carol said…
Have a WONDERFUL trip!
CONNIE W said…
Sounds absolutely wonderful wonderful!
Carole said…
Geez, thanks for putting that tune in my head! Have a great trip! Bon voyage!
graceamazes said…
Adding my "bon voyage" to the chorus!

Words to a different song for you:
Takes me away
To where I've always heard
it could be.
Just a dream and the wind
to carry me,
And soon I will be free"

(Christopher Cross, "Sailing")

Hope the dream and wind will carry you...

Peace and blessings,
Nicole said…
Can't wait to hear all about your travels when you get home! Travel safely.
Samantha said…
here's hoping you;re having a fabulous trip!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Eager to hear about everything, it's all Greek to me.