A Heck of a Holstein for Helen

This came in the mail, along with a couple of dozen more, from Elaine. As soon as I opened this one, I thought of Helen. Helen loves Holsteins. I like them, too. But not with the passion Helen exudes for them. So I thought I'd go ahead and post this one for Helen, and anyone else. I'm a little concerned about Antarctica, but I'm going to try to get on with my day nonetheless.
. . . .
This puts me in mind of this silly thing Joe and I have been doing lately. The place that sells the cheapest gas in our area is at a Cumberland Farms. Now when Cumberland Farms stores first opened, our recollection is that they were sort of dairy product quick marts. They expanded, and now many have gas pumps out front. We still think of them as places to go to get milk in a hurry. So we've taken to checking the prices as we drive in that direction, and refer to the regular gas as "skim" and the high test as "whole." I suppose the diesel would be "2%" or something like that. Told you it was a silly thing.


Susan said…
That's too funny! Antarctica must really be "down under." LOL!

Love your silly thing. Those are the things that make life interesting.

Your Frenchy purse is gorgeous, and sounds like it was fast! Now the weekend for more fun sewing!

I used the last of those fav fabric blocks of yours, and blogged it.
Unknown said…
reminds me of the sign that said eat here and get gas.