Monday, July 30, 2007

Odds and Ends

In Piraeus, Nancy boards Star Flyer, whose sails are all down, for the start of a great adventure.
Rest In Peace, Samos. (Worth clicking for enlargement)
Sailing past a part of one of the islands, both of us instinctively grabbed our cameras at the same moment, thinking of Bill when we saw the circus tent.
The dining room on Star Flyer.

Hadrian's Gate, in Ephesus, with someone other than Hadrian . . . .
Lunch at a taverna on Samos.
Sunset over Paros.
Sunrise over Athens. It was Joe's custom to get up very early so that he could be on deck to watch the sunrise. He became friendly with the officer and deckhand who had the early morning watch. I generally slept in and joined him on deck around 7:30. On the last morning, I woke early and got dressed while Joe did some last minute packing. The deck officer was surprised when he turned and saw me in Joe's usual spot. "He sent me," I told him. "He's sleeping in today."

What was the likelihood that on the morning of our departure my 365 Quilt Blocks calendar block for the day would be "Tall Ships"? And that the blocks for rest of the days we were to be away would be sailing-related? What was the likelihood that as we pulled into the airport in Philadelphia to depart, that the radio would be playing "The Flying Dutchman"? What was the likelihood that one of my first glimpses of pulling into the harbor at Athens at the end of our cruise would be dancing ladies? All highly unlikely, I think. And yet all happened.
. . . .
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Anonymous said...

Nancy, dear, it all sounds like Kismet to me.

Leslie said...

I read the last paragraph with tears in my eyes. Everyday joys, gifts from our God. :D