Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dagwood, Where Are You?

Years ago (showing my age here), back before being blonde was associated with being "dumb," a haircoloring company had "Blondes have more fun" as their slogan. Many girls I went to high school with "bleached" their hair. And they seemed to have quite a bit of fun. I have always had light brown hair, straight, and not very much of it. As I began to grow older and it became even more thin, I began "highlighting" it because the hairdresser said it would give it more body, help it hold a style better. I've always kind of liked the highlights.

This morning was my quarterly appointment with the colorist. And apparently, over the last three months, my brown hair has become much more gray. Except I didn't notice it because of the frosting. Today's frosting leaves me with not much brown at all -- in fact, I'd pretty much have to say I've unintentionally become a blonde!

And have I had more fun? Well, "more" is relative. It's been a good day. In addition to the trip to the salon, I did some shopping -- bought a new light cotton summer blanket for our bed and while I was at it, picked up a new set of sheets: pale pink. Went to an artisan shop to get a birfday gift for a dear friend, and while I was there, picked up a little wood carving for myself. When I got home and showed the carving to Joe, we both remembered a wall hanging round robin I have from several years back that has never been hung. If things go according to plan, it will be hung tomorrow and photographed in its glory along with the carving.

That's it for now,

Blondie, Near Philadelphia


peggy said...

Hi Blonsie AKA Nancily....
Your Blog is so darn cute!!

Nicole said...

I think we must be of the same era Nancy! When I was in high school all my friends were blonds--out of a bottle, but what the heck. Me, I have always been brunette, and with the help of my hair colorist, have been able to stay that way. I have to admit, she convinced me to go a bit lighter, as she said it is more flattering for someone "my age".

Little Mysteries said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Its always nice when you have your hair done, and it looks great.