WWIT? -- An Update

What Was I Thinking? is turning into a quilt! I'm almost incredulous. A few weeks ago, this was the farthest thing from my mind.

I've diligently worked at getting the "claws" parts of the blocks finished, and as of last night, they are!

You can see my lone finished block in the upper left corner. The remaining nineteen blocks are all in claw-quarters. The next step is cutting and applying the "logs" to two sides of the claws.

Probably not tonight, though one never knows. The mess on the kitchen counter is calling more loudly than it did last night, and the bills need to be paid. But just to have reached the stage that I have with WWIT? is amazing enough. For now.


Juliann in WA said…
I really like this quilt. It is going to be lovely.
*karendianne. said…
Oh wow, Nancy! Look at how this is coming out? I'm unquestionnably BLOWN AWAY! You amaze me.

The close up of the fabrics is SO FUN. Dig it. This is going to be sooooo neat.
Karrin Hurd said…
Great job Nancy. I remember at the time that we made that comfort quilt I had to rip so many times on those blocks. I am truly impressed by what you have accomplished. Great picture of the kids!
Sherry said…
Oooohh, Aaaaahh! I can't wait to see the finished top. Instead of WWIT I think you should say IDG (I did good!!) Forgive the grammar, please.

Keep up the good work!

In peace & pieces,

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
BEAUTIFUL! You are amazing.
Cathi said…
This is really fantastic. Love the fabrics you're using.
Tanya said…
What a lovely quilt! I can really almost see it in it's completed form! It won't be long until you have a beauty adorning your bed!
I can't believe how quickly that has come along. The blocks look fantastic. Can't wait to see it finished.