Happy Times

A package from Australia came at the end of last week and inside was a wrapped gift for Caroline and a note from Little Mysteries. When Sherry and the family came to visit on Sunday, the gift was opened and the Owlie pronounced "Precious." Sherry was delighted and Caroline even gazed on it for a bit.

Thank you, dear faraway friend!

I've been coming to work an hour early this week because I want to leave early on Friday. Bonnie and I and our collective three daughters and one nursing infant have rented a beach house for the weekend. We do this together every couple of years -- female bonding and frivolity abound. We play games, shop a bit, eat good food, and are impressive in our silliness. We were tickled to learn that an annual event will be occurring this weekend while we are at the beach -- sounds like it is right up our alley!

Do return on Monday for an update!


Ms. Jan said…
This might be the perfect time to give Caroline her first reading from GWTW and get her started right!
So glad Caroline's Owlie arrived safe and sound.
A few days at the beach sounds like heaven. Hope you all have a great time.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Enjoy your time together, bliss!
Nicole said…
That is just so cute!
Perry said…
I hope you'll have a wonderful time! Love the owlie!