A Delightful Diversion . . .

. . . that may keep me from obsessing today about the Pennsylvania primary!

Sherry and family spent Sunday evening with us and Caroline has finally started keeping her eyes open a little more. Sherry's seen a glimpse of a smile, and she's begun looking around a lot more, seemingly fascinated -- as was Sam -- with the ceiling fans.

Life may be good, Mrs. Goodneedle. But grandchildren are spectacular! Just you wait . . . .

Don't you think I look like Daddy?

Oh, I'd say about 3/8 of a yard would do it.

And just what, do you think, we should do for a border?


Juliann in WA said…
I hear that this is one of life's little joys - thanks for sharing it with us.
*karendianne. said…
Ohhh, she is just so sweetamous! I want to hold her, I want to kiss her or just get caught up in those eyes. What does she see?

Sweet Eyes of Caroline in Love, *karendianne.
Ms. Jan said…
Gotta get 'em started early....have you given her a fat quarter of her own yet????
Anonymous said…
What a cute baby girl! And the blonde grammie looks pretty fine, too :-))

Kathy B