I'm Drowning!

But don't call the lifeguard!

I can tread water. Really well. I had to do it for ten minutes one time to pass a swimming test. A long time ago.

The search season at school is at its peak. Each day I process many, many resumes. Each day we have candidates coming in for the major and minor openings, and schedules to coordinate for all of these people. Hotel and travel arrangements for many of them.

The Interim Committee I'm co-chairing at church is also at its peak. We have a timeline event scheduled for this Sunday and our Zoomerang survey is due to be launched. The latter is my responsibility.

And tonight I have a meeting over at Obama HQ to see if I have skills that could be put to use in the next three scant weeks.

I still haven't unpacked the fabric that I bought last week. Therefore, still haven't photographed it. I will.

And sometime this week I need to get my packets out for the monthly block -- I'm the April recipient for the one group and am thinking I will send out more of the hand dyed fabric for the Baskets of Chips that I had sent out to the other group. I'm going to want more than 14 of those Baskets, and there is plenty of fabric, and, well, enough said. I had planned to cut up and package the William Morris FQs for the Bear Tracks project. But the more I think about it, Bill isn't going anywhere and the more of the Baskets of Chips that come in, the more I want, so there's a plan.

Stay tuned. I'll be swimming to shore very soon.


Juliann in WA said…
Just holler if you need a life boat! We are in high gear season at school too so I can empathize. It is all good stuff.
debijeanm said…
Been there, bought the t-shirt. Hang in there. And give Obama a hug for me!
SallyB said…
Busy, busy, busy - been there, done that, kind of doing that now. Too many things on the plate can get exhausting and even occasionally demoralizing (particularly when you
begin to feel un- or underappreciated), so be sure to claim some time for yourself to just "be". It's very refreshing. both physically and emotionally.
My 78 year old parents (and lifelong Republicans) changed their status 2 weeks ago and became Democrats so they could vote for Obama in the primary. Thanks for adding more water to the pool to help out with his campaign!
atet said…
Wish I could throw you a lifeline there -- hang in there, hiring season will end :0).