I'm posting this pic purely for the benefit of my family, especially Tom. I don't mind in the least if some of the rest of the readership takes pleasure from it as well.

I lifted it this morning from a blog I serendipitously discovered while seeing what Juliann is up to. Juliann is amazingly tidy and organized and has some terrific stuff up on her wall. But enough with the digression.

Katie, the commenter, has a fascinating blog, one I just scanned briefly this morning. I'll certainly be returning for a closer look. She's a woman of faith, a fine writer, a deep thinker, and a soldier returned from war. All things to admire. She's also a Republican. In view of all of her other qualities, I can live with that.

Tom! "You must not seek the treasure!"


Juliann in WA said…
Well, I am not really organized but I know HOW to organize. It is the keeping it that way part that stumps me. Since I haven't been in that room for the last 24 hours, it still looks pretty good. We shall see.
Toni said…
hahahah....I love the picture!