Chautauqua Impressions: More Pictures

Part of the culture of Chautauqua involves "sit-upons" and hanging nametags. This lady sports both. It is not at all unusual to see two hundred people walking down a brick walk, with nametags dangling and sit-upons in hand. The nametag is one's admission to the Amphitheatre and the sit-upons are essential on those hard Amp benches.

More people with sit-upons. This picture shows the Amphitheatre in the background.

This fountain is in a little public garden close to the lake.

The lake is very large; it supports sailing and swimming and boating and fishing.

These are two views of 29 Scott, our home at Chautauqua for the past two years. We have an apartment on the second floor.

I am very fond of this sign which appears along one of the brick walks.

Only pedestrian traffic is permitted on the brick walks.

This is theHall of Philosophy, home to the afternoon lectures sponsored by the Department of Religion.


Mark21 said…
well i just had to leave a comment about the comment on da brick,

"work like you dont need the money, love like youve never been hurt and dance like noone is watching" - Fantastic..
Susan said…
I'm dreaming about sitting out on the balcony doing handwork with you. =)