Vacationing at Chautauqua Institution, Part Two

Well, of course I have been sewing! Earlier this year I appliqued a dozen primitive calendar blocks. I brought them all along with me and got them latticed and the enormous top is ready to go off to the machine quilter. Here are pictures of a couple of the blocks. At one point when I was making them, I forgot that I'd been using the running stitch recommended by the designer and did one of the blocks using my customary buttonhole stitch. When I realized what I'd done, I consulted with the finest quilting minds I know, and we all decided that I'd do three blocks with the buttonhole stitch and the variation would add to the whole primitive look.
have another project ready to tackle next week, a small wall hanging in the works now, and am hand appliquing my Civil War Basket blocks when I sit at the Amphitheatre. If Blogger cooperates, there will be pictures of these next projects, too.


Susan said…
We'll hope blogger cooperates. =)

I love the blocks, want to see the whole quilt laid out.

Your vacation sounds like a wonderful retreat from the world. Joe's watercolor is wonderful! I knew he designed quilt blocks for you, but didn't know his talent went this far.