Anybody know anything about Connie? You know, Connie. Of Simply Quilted. Married to The Doc. Forties kitchen. Gorgeous quilts. Gorgeous grandchildren. Theme from a Summer Place. That Connie.

Clicking the link to her blog indicates that it has vanished.

I remember several months back, she was thinking of stopping her blog because it was demanding more time from her than she could comfortably give. She was persuaded to simply lighten up, not go away.

This is sudden. It's unsettling. Connie, are you out there? Could you just check in, please? Hoping all is okay with you and yours.


CONNIE W said…
I sent you an email. CW :)
Juliann in WA said…
So glad to see that Connie responded - I was thinking about her too.
QuiltingFitzy said…
But WAIT! I want an email TOO!!!

I miss her terribly!

(or could you please send her an email back for me!)