A Whiter Shade of White

Can scarcely believe I am only a couple of hours postop! Thanks to Mrs. Goodneedle for suggesting the illustration. It's not quite accurate -- the operative eye is still blurry. But it will clear.

Friends, readers, I am here to tell you that that this "procedure" (realizing how benign that sounds compared to "operation") is nothing to be apprehensive about! Got to the surgery center at 7:30, interviewed and prepped, and off down the hall to the O.R. promptly at 8:30. I believe it was 9:10 by the clock when Joe met me in the PACU and we were out the door around 10:00. The nurse having ordered Joe to take me out to breakfast, we stopped at FilaBagel for an everything bagel with real cream cheese (o, the scandal of it!) and lox. Came home, ate, did the Sudodku and lay down but the neighbor's car alarm cut short a nice little nap after ten minutes.

Yes, the right eye is blurry. But the fascinating thing (just as Bonnie had told me) is the color difference: I now can see that things viewed with the left eye alone have a slightly yellowish tinge that I'd been totally unaware of before. The blurry things seen with just the right eye are cleaner, whiter. The nurses cautioned me that I might see cobwebs that I'd not noticed before! Better not.

The Versed lingers and I'm sure I'll want a nice afternoon snooze. Tomorrow morning I have a check-up at the surgery center and on Friday I'll be back at work -- the deal is that I have to wait until 24 hours after the Versed is out of my system before I can drive.

If I get the left eye done this summer, too, I'll not have to wear glasses except for close work. That would be quite a change -- my children do not know me without glasses; I have worn them for so many years.

The surgery center was part of a Roman Catholic facility and I noticed a cross over every doorway, even the O.R. I like that -- it reminded me of the many who promised to pray for me this morning. And that felt good.


Gina said…
I had no doubts that all would be well. My mum has had both hers done this year and she wished she'd had them done years ago. The difference in her sight is amazing, and yes she sees all the cobwebs now including the ones in my house. LOl

love and hugs xxx
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Prayers continue. Take it easy there, N.P.!
Lindah said…
Good news! An answer to prayer(s). Eyesight is so precious!
floribunda said…
good to hear from you -- be sure to stop by sometime and see if we have cobwebs, would you?
I had the left eye done about 5 years ago and the right done last fall. It is so nice to be able to see things when I am in the shower, like the difference between the shower gel and the shampoo bottles. When I had the first one done, they gave me a nice big basket of fruit afterwards. Last time - nada. Same doc, same surgery center. Maybe my insurance no longer covers fruit baskets. Maybe that's in the fine print I couldn't read beforehand.