Long Distance Love

The past two days brought love from afar.

Yesterday's mail brought five -- count 'em, five -- parcels. One was an Ebay jumper that looked tan in the picture and has turned out to be tangerine. We'll deal with that another day. Another was the threads for my Primitive Garden. The third was the Marcia McCloskey book I need for the Spool Project (More About Which Soon) and the fourth the fabric for said spools. I'd been anticipating all of these for a week or so.

The fifth package was unexpected and contained a most wonderful surprise. It is an exquisite hand-made gift from dear Guenveur in Ohio. Please, please right-click to enlarge and see its loveliness! Besides getting all of the poses precisely right for Bo, look at how she flatters me in the drawing of the quilter! The message -- One little move at a time! -- is just what impatient me needs as a reminder not to expect too much too quickly. The love that went into this treasure and accompanied it on its way is tangible.

The evening before the package came, the phone rang while I was messing up another block (I really must stick with Nine Patches and the like for the time being). The caller was a friend of nearly forty years. She and her husband are very, very dear to Joe and to me. We saw them frequently when we were neighbors, but in the past 25 years, our visits to one another are less than every two years. We speak by phone a couple of times per year and even our email is infrequent. And yet, and yet, the connection remains strong and powerful. They probably really don't know their influence on us. He helped me so many times with hard theological questions. She, without knowing it, I think, has modeled values that I may not have understood, let alone adopted, without her doing so. We have loved them long and deeply.

Seconds into the phone conversation, she began to cry. She was calling to talk, to ask, about Joe, and was overwhelmed with emotion. She said at one point, "I don't know why I am taking this so hard." We talked about that and about other things. It was wonderful to hear from her. It was also one of those rare, amazing occasions when I realized that someone who has been so significant and beloved in my life loves me just as much. And reminds me of how, when we stop to think -- to take it "one little move at a time," actually -- we know God's love through each other.


*karendianne. said…
What a real treasure from Guenveur in Ohio. Lots of little gifts sprinkling your lives right now.

I am most touched by your dear friend of near fourty years. What a BLESSING!

We do indeed know God's love through each other.

Witness to Love, *karendianne.
Lindah said…
Such a lovely and thought provoking post.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Nancy, such incredible blessings to receive those tangible reminders of God's love and concern. They are the face of God to you when you need that most!