Looks Like We Made It!

Hey, Honna, we need Barry Manilow to sing it! Looks Like We Made It!

After a week and a half of tears of fear, tears of apprehension, tears of sadness, tears of uncertainty, how lovely to feel these tears of joy!


tami said…
Now we just need to get him into the White House.
Unknown said…
I do hope he lives up to everyone's expectations - in my experience politicians seldom do - or is that just on our side of the pond? :o)
Can you see me doing the "dance of joy"?! Truly the first time in decades that I have been excited about a candidate!!
*karendianne. said…
How far we've come, how very far we've come.

Turning the Page of Love, *karendianne.
SallyB said…
It seems so hard to believe that this has come to pass in my lifetime. I all too painfully remember stuff like school desegregation, Selma, Birmingham, the civil rights struggle, the death of MLK....and now this historic moment and a vindication of all of those struggles so long ago.

Savor it. Because we're truly seeing history being made right before our very eyes! OBAMA 08!
When I heard the news I thought of you, and how excited you must be. I hope that he makes it all the way. Its certainly history in the making.