Watchful Waiting

The stopping of the two medications did not help. The rash has spread and spread and is much more intense. Sleep for him last night was scarce. Phoned the on-call doc this morning, who said that the timing was right for a reaction -- if there was to be one -- to the Plavix to show up, and he believes this is what we're dealing with. Stopped the Plavix and prescribed a replacement for it. Also prescribed steroids to deal with the rash. Got me to wondering why yesterday's on-call doc didn't do that -- he has been so miserable.

The visit last night with Bob and Sherry was therapeutic. They came bearing gifts of wine, angel cake, and fabric (is this woman a friend, or what?) and laughed and told stories and dined until nearly ten o'clock. A big night for us! Took Joe's mind off the rash. I made a Heart Association entree of pork and it was delicious.

He's sleeping now.

I'm more anxious than I want him to know. I believe it is time to go downstairs and sew for a spell.

This picture is Himself in Samos, Greece, last July. Another happy day.


Unknown said…
For a condition which really doesn't need stress having that rash must have been very stressful indeed (for both of you I might add) thank goodness the second doc worked out the problem and started to get it sorted - hope this is now the start of a hiccup free period
take care and try not to stress to much.......chill out with some sewing and hope things start to settle down now.......
SallyB said…
Ick! Rashes are so uncomfortable! I hope that the docs were able to treat that and switch him to another drug that does the same thing minus the reaction. So here's some well wishes and healing energy being sent your way from someone going through her own frustrating medical issues, so I sympathise! Take care, relax and go with the flow. Live every day as a gift, because that's what it is.
Teresa said…
((Nancy)) so hopeful that the rash goes away and Himself continues to improve. Take care of yourself and keep remembering happier more carefree days you have had - they will come again.
quiltmom anna said…
I hope that your spouse is feeling better..It is hard to watch our loved ones struggle with a serious illness - I think it is worse when my love is sick than when I am the one who is sick. I am so glad to see that you have lovely friends who come and take care of you- wrap yourself in the blankets of their caring when you feel the worry creeping in. Visit the places that give you the soothing calm like your previous post.
Know that there are lots of people around you that care and are sending good wishes and positive energy.
Regards from Western Canadian Quilter,
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
What a frustrating side effect! I love the posted photo from another time and place, such good therapy for your spirit right now.

Best wishes for freedom from scratching and the recuperative rest that y'all desparately need.
swooze said…
Hope he is better soon! Hugs to you both.
*karendianne. said…
One of the things I've felt really fortunate to read about through all of this is how you weave your quilty time in with your life, your emotions, with real day-to-day.

This part of the sharing is a real gift and I think you for it.

Acknowledging Love, *karendianne.