Finish Five: Projects Chosen

I'd written earlier that I had decided to enter Peg's challenge to finish five projects by the end of July. Tonight I took some time to go over my spreadsheet of WISPs and select the five contenders. I chose six, and will finish five of them:

1. Sunday Best. A wall hanging for Caroline's room. Needs hand-quilting finished on the last border, binding, and sleeve.

2. French Provincial Charm Quilt. Neecs mitered border, backing french knot tying (what else?) and binding.

3. Civil War Baskets. Needs final pieced triangle border to bring to Flimsy stage.

4. Daiwabo Taupe Jacob's Ladder. Blocks need sewing together and then decide whether to border it or not. Get it to Flimsy stage.

5. Time Began in a Garden. Needs binding and sleeve.

6. Meadowbrook Farm. Needs borders to get to Flimsy stage.

As the five are finished, pictures will be posted in the sidebar.

The thing is, I really, really need to do these five finishes. Because I have finally acquired enough fabrics for "Ruth's Quilt" from "Living the Dream" and am so eager to begin working on it -- and I dare not start another thing until some projects are finished!


Teresa said…
Good luck on your projects. Looks pretty ambitious to me but oh so satisfying to get them done. I read your blog about your "procedure" too and am glad all went well. That bagel sure sounds yummy.
Looks like a great list of projects...good luck...
That looks like an amazing list of projects. Can't wait to see the pictures. "Ruths Quilt" looks very nice, so I can see the motivation.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Nancy, since you made this commitment while still under the influence of Versed you won't remember that list today. If I were you I'd slow down and only aim half as high, remember: it's summertime and the livin' is supposed to be easy; please, go easy on yourself.
*karendianne. said…
"Okay!" Karen says giggling and smiling followed up by a smirky smile. Oh how come I forgot about those Civil War Baskets? I'd give a tisket for one of those baskets. ;)


Oh and now I just read Mrs. G's comment. Hee!

Now I'm really giggly which is very helpful since I have a DRs appointment this morning!

All Smiles and Laughs Love, *karendianne.
swooze said…
Good luck on your finishes. I am trying to figure out if I have any little objects I could get done by then. My big handquilting project has been all time consuming.

Glad you eye surgery went well
Nanette Merrill said…
I'm in the scrap challenge and I love these things that motivate us to make the most of our time. Yours is an ambitious list! I can't wait to see them done.
Tanya said…
I'm afraid I am just getting caught up in reading. I wasn't aware of your cataract operation but as so glad that it went off without a hitch. Sounds like you had a good weekend too! Much love,
Nicole said…
I had Meadowbrook Farm all sewn into rows and hated it! I think my sewing wasn't accurate and I could see all sorts of issues with the seams being slightly off. I took all the blocks apart and am considering a different setting on the diagonal, maybe with alternate squares. Yours is so much nicer than mine!