Dems in Denver, 2008

Did I watch Night One? Of course I did. And got some stitching done, too.

I watched the PBS version -- the longest coverage with the sanest commentators. I just can't take Wolf "Kermit the Frog" Blitzer any more. And Anderson Cooper is even worse.

I liked the introduction to Michelle. I liked Michelle's speech. I liked the daughters and the -- what was it? Skype? -- technologic interaction with Daddy. I found Michelle to be smart, credible, warm, sincere, everything good.

Some of the other speakers were so-so. Nancy Pelosi may be a good Speaker but she's not much of a speaker. Caroline Kennedy, so poised, warm, earnest.

But the thing that got me -- I mean really got me -- was the tribute to Teddy and his speech that followed. Took me back in time, so many years, to such positive energy. I was too young to vote for JFK, and lost the opportunity to vote for Bobby. The Kennedys' commitment to public service is echoed in Barack's, and it feels so good and gives so much hope.

I was keenly aware that this is likely Teddy's last convention, and I was so glad to see and hear him. And even to cry as he told us yet again, "The torch has been passed to a new generation."



I had a very similar teary reaction to Ted Kennedy's speech. The dream continues - thanks be to God.
Gretchen said…
I watched the speeches online because I had to work last night and I have to admit that I was feeling hope and pride and more hope. Caroline was the image of poise and grace. It was so emotional to see Ted giving his all for his country yet again. The girls were just too adorable and Michelle was incredible. Thanks for this post!!! Quilters for Obama!!!
*karendianne. said…
Did you notice they played "Sweet Caroline" when she came out, too?

Ahh, you don't like Wolfie and AndersonCuteamous? Well, I'll admit to channel flipping.

PBS, MSNBC and CNN at once.

ADD Love, *karendianne.
Ozjane said…
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