Warming Up

Well, I'm getting warmed up for the Olympics. The design wall was naked when I got home from vacation, so I put up these 16s and Pinwheels and some whites and am using it all as a leader-ender project at present. Never hurts to have a baby quilt flimsy on hand. Just in case.

Turbo pieced these blocks and traded them to me for a chance to raid my batik bin. I must admit that though she took out a grocery bag full of warm tones (which she later made into a gorgeous quilt and if she'd send me a picture [hint, hint] I'd post it for her since she is too busy sewing to start a blog of her own, talk about a drawn-out sentence), the level didn't seem to go down very much. There seems to be a batik spring at the bottom of it . . . .

Anyway, here's a block I made this afternoon as part of the Opening Ceremonies at my place. Ms. Jan and I are part of a group that makes blocks for each other on a monthly basis, and this month apparently is hers. She sent all the fabrics and the pattern and I got to cut and assemble this lovely Rising Star for her. She's making a quilt for one of the men in her life. It will be stunning, if you ask me.

It's all Civil War stuff. Drooling. Which reminds me, last night I spent a fair amount of time cutting up the left-overs from Meadowbrook Pasture which I think would make a nice Irish Chain leader-ender project. So many ideas. So little time.


Ms. Jan said…
Delish, delish, delish! You are sew good and sew speedy Nancy. Thanks so much!!!
*karendianne. said…
Yumm with that block! Almost makes me want to sew. almost.