Opening Ceremonies

Didja watch? The Opening Ceremonies, I mean? And weren't they wonderful?

I sat and did the hand-binding on one and one-half sides of my batik baskets quilt while I watched the four-hour spectacle, and was so captivated and impressed! The technology, the artistry, the precision, the originality -- all were so wonderful, so unusual, so well done! I just loved the whole thing. Could have lived without two-thirds of the commercial interruptions (and gone to bed earlier!), but I'm not a bit sorry I stayed up for it all.

Of all of the images, this one of Yao Ming and Lin Hao is the one that will endure for me. After the parade, the cameraman kept returning to focus on these two, and I just loved how the big guy held the little one as together they watched the torch and the fireworks. It was just wonderful.

And, for a while, it took my mind off of how disappointed I am in John Edwards. Sheesh.


We watched the opening ceremonies and were amazed, delighted, and enthralled by all we saw. It was wonderful! I loved the lighting of the Olympic flame but worried about that man suspended so high above the crowd! Just incredible.

And yes, my thoughts keep coming back to John Edwards. What was he thinking??? I'm so disappointed in him and feel so much sorrow for Elizabeth Edwards and their children. Trust is a horrible thing to lose.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Loved it all, every single bit... must have taken your eyes off the binding I'm a guessin'! No comment on the other, more despicable topic, really-- what else is there to say?
Teresa said…
I watched the show from start to finish and enjoyed every minute of it. I pin basted together a quilt for my granddaughter and finished a stitchery block.
Unfortunately I missed the opening ceremony. However I did get to see highlights from it on the news. It looked spectacular. I'm a bit disappointed that I missed it. The image of Yao Ming and Lin Hao is beautiful and moving. Glad you managed to get some binding done whilst watching. I am looking forward to watching the games, and like you will most likely be glued to my television until its all over.
alobsiger said…
I was amazed at every turn! The opening ceremonies were beautiful! China's rich history was palpable--I'm not sure we can ever host the Olympics again after seeing the gorgeous reminders of China's auspicious historic achievements. Oh, and about 3/4 of the way through the whole thing, I realized I didn't have the TV tuned to a high def channel. D'oh!
Tanya said…
Yes, we watched it and really enjoyed the whole thing! I loved all the history that was able to be passed on. The opening drum performance was amazing! I'm afraid I put down my sewing and just watched, and I don't often do that!
NoVA Dad said…
I didn't watch the opening ceremonies; as much as I enjoy the Olympics, I just don't have the patience for the pageantry and procession. Now watching Michael Phelps smash the world record in winning his first gold medal, THAT'S excitement to me.
Sewbaby said…
I too was amazed by the Opening Ceremonies. Friends decided to host a little party to the event was on Tivo until we grilled and ate. Perfect...we cruised through the commercials paused when it was dessert time...yummy grilled peaches, home made pound cake and chocolate mouse for all the chocolate lovers....great event all around!
Perry said…
I agree the opening ceremonies were just great. I was very touched by Yao Ming and Lin Hao also. For some reason it has stayed with me also, and the story behind Lin is incredible also. I think my favorite part was the young man flying on the wire to light the flame. That was certainly an original interpretation of that event. I had to laugh at John Edwards; for some reason politicians don't wander, right? lol. I personally think he is an idiot.
~Tanner said…
I sent you an email with my address for the prize package #2.... I think it might have gotten lost in cyberspace. Did you get it?

*karendianne. said…
Oh yes, Karen watched, too! I needed a break from John the Ed of Warts!