Tired, Near Philadelphia

I'm not one to need the alarm clock, much less one to have trouble dealing with it. I'm an early riser who does her best work before noon. Sometimes I am even able to implement my mother's trick of setting a self-alarm clock, i.e., I can go to bed and say, "Wake up at six." And I do.

We set the alarm, of course, on work days. But more often than not I awaken before it does. On weekends, I'm likely to rise well before Joe and have an hour or so of quiet time to read or sew before he stirs.

This week, however, the alarm clock has not been my friend. Too many late nights with the Democrats following too many late nights with the Olympics. Coupled with intense days at work as we race towards the finish line for the First Day of School. Last night, very tired, I went to bed mid-way through Senator Biden's speech, missing the surprise appearance of You Know Who. And this morning cringed when I woke and saw it was time to get up.

The upcoming four-day weekend (yes, if we get everything done today, we are off tomorrow!) should help me catch up on rest. And next week, of course, I won't need to stay up late!!!


*karendianne. said…
I was just thinking this morning "...I can miss the speech tonight." Then my nose grows, hits the monitor, I snap out of it and realize I'll be up for the whole thing. ...and yes it might just kill me!

Pushing the Envelope of Love, *karendianne.
Nicole said…
That is another good thing about living in California--the convention begins and ends early so I don't miss my bedtime! I too hope to accomplish something/anything sewing wise this weekend.
Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.
Tanya said…
Our alarm clock sets itself for 5:45 whether we want to get up or not. It is amazing that it can be so accurate. The clock's name is Choco.
Perry said…
It has been an interesting month TV wise, that's for sure. I haven't had the problem of having to get up early so I haven't missed any sleep thank heavens, but I sure haven't accomplised very much of anything either, lol.
Juliann in WA said…
I find that just when my body becomes accustomed to sleeping a bit later, it is time to go back to school. I am also in the process of getting bed earlier so I don't have to hurt any timepieces in the house.