Charm Pack Winner Announced

I was so crazy-busy on Thursday that I didn't get the name drawn for my give-away winner. Friday wasn't much better. Yesterday I managed to draw the name but didn't get to post. What is this saying about how hectic of a week I've had and how happy I am that a new week is beginning today!

Thassnot all that's beginning today. Joe graduated from the cardiac rehab program last week and was urged to re-enlist and continue his good work. He's lost about 20 pounds and is feeling well. No chest pain. Not so many naps. Rather than automatically re-up at the fitness center, he spent a Saturday as an investigative reporter checking into LA Fitness, the YMCA, the place over at the shopping center and I believe one more place. Evaluated cost, equipment, travel time. Seemed the very best deal was at the Y, so he signed US up. Yup. Got a family membership that includes private sessions with someone who will figure out an individualized program. He went for his session on Tuesday and mine is scheduled for this afternoon.

Where was I?

Oh, yes, the winner.

Well, it is Karrin. I've "known" Karrin for about ten years through a couple of email groups. She's a sweet and generous person who does amazing crazy quilting. As a matter of fact, we're in a round robin together and this month I am hand quilting her project which is about the sea. So I'm tickled that Karrin has won, and her charm pack will be off in the mail tomorrow!

If I'm not too stiff and sore to go to the post office!


Karrin Hurd said…
Wow Nancy, I am thrilled. You made my day. Thank you SO MUCH!
Susan said…
If you met Karrin in real life, you'd like her just as much, and if you were at her house, you'd spend an hour oohing and aaahing over her work, and the things her husband has made for her. =) So glad she won!

Sounds like things are improving for Joe, and he wants to share the benefits. =)
If it's a good place they will start you off gently and you should not be stiff and sore. Exercise is basically boring, but it is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer -- it feels so god when you stop. I'm in a water aerobics class that lasts 55 minutes and I feel ever so good when I finish. Between that I walk while listening to NPR in the morning. Keeps me healthy. But I can't say I love it.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
My husband and I wake up at 6 AM and walk two miles every day; uphill, both ways. We know it's good for us, we keep telling ourselves that, but it's still not easy. It takes hard work and perseverance, I wish you and Joe well. The soreness will diminish and be replaced with a good over-all feeling of well being. Congrats to Karrin!