Chickens and Stars!

I've mentioned before that I belong to a couple of groups that have monthly projects that we do for each other. The FQ group is one of them and for September DeeJae asked me to add some other body parts and do the buttonhole stitching for it. I was on it right away. I love chicken blocks. (I have a whole box full of various chicken blocks, but that is a story for another day.) I bonded some feathers and a beak and then decided that buttons were in order for the eyes.

It took about one evening to finish this block for DeeJae. I haven't sent it off to her because I'm going to make Susan's chicken block for DeeJae and send them both together. Susan bailed me out back in June or July when I couldn't think straight and couldn't sew anything more complicated than a Nine Patch. Sharon had asked for some flying geese and I just didn't feel like I had it in me to do them with precision and didn't want to ask Sharon to wait until my brain returned. What if it never did? So Susan to the rescue. She's had a very stressful couple of months dealing with family issues of various happy and sad kinds, and I thought it was time to return the favor.

A couple of months ago some of us decided to do a block swap of brown and aqua-or-teal-or-turquoise stars. Each of us selected two different stars so that there wouldn't be duplication, and got to work at making eleven of each. It would have been better if there were twelve participants, but we work with what we get. At the end of the swap, each of us will have 22 gorgeous stars, the start of a sensational quilt.

The first batch of blocks arrived in the mail this week from Robin. I was too busy to open the squishie until this morning. Oh, my stars! Did Robin do a spectacular job or what? My fabric is downstairs in the rubble and I need to get cracking because the swap out is the first week in November. I've already heard from Mary that her blocks are on the way from the UK.


*karendianne. said…
Well hot dog isn't that Chicken cuteamous?! You do lovely work. I'm not a chicken fan myself but I certainly can appreciate them and the work you've done.

Undeniably those stars are sparkly! I really dig 'em. How come I didn't get included? I could have been number twelve! (OK. Now I'm starting to tell big 'ole whoppers!)

Untruthy Love, *karendianne.
Juliann in WA said…
Love that little chicken and those star blocks are really well done. Can't wait to see the next set.
Teresa said…
Your chick is so cool, you did a great job.

Gosh those are pretty stars and make me want to do a brown and teal quilt of my own. I have developed a liking of brown in the last year or two - its such a marvelous quilt color. I can't wait to see the other blocks as they arrive.
Robin said…
Great chicken block, Nancy! I love chickens too! And thanks for bloggin' about my star blocks! Can't wait to see everyone else's blocks!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Cluck! That chick is a winner!!
quiltmom anna said…
What lovely stars and what a lovely color combination-I do love that robin egg blue color.

I have jumped into blogging- if you get a chance thought you might be interested in having a look..
Nicole said…
What a great project the aqua and brown star blocks are! You are all going to end up with a terrific quilt.
love the chooks........catching up on numerous posts......