September 11: Our Lives Forever Changed

Life As We Knew It changed for everyone on September 11, 2001, a terrible, terrible day.

But a different September 11, the one in 1974, was the day that changed life forever for Joe and Me in such an amazing way. For that was the day Tom was born.

After many years of trying to achieve a pregnancy, everything we dreamed of arrived in the form of an 8-1/2 pound boy who has brought joy and more joy to our lives with every passing year.

Here is a picture of Tom on the day we met Anastasia, the woman who would become his wife.

On September 11 each year we remember the horror. But we also remember -- and are thankful for -- the joy of Tom.


SallyB said…
Happy Birthday to Tom, who I remember as just a wee babe in arms. Gawd, has it been that long? Can it be possible that so much time has passed?

I doubt if Tom remembers me, but if he does, tell him that I wish him the happiest of birthdays, even if it does come on the anniversary of a rather sad and recent occasion......
Unknown said…
My niece Gemma was born on September 11th 1987 in fact she missed out on having the birthdate 10.9.87 by only a couple of hours. 9/11 as we all recognise it now happened on her 14th birthday (she's 21 today). The following year she refused to celebrate her birthday on its allotted date and switched it to the day before for that year as she couldn't bear to celebrate on such a terrible anniversary. Now as time has dimmed the memories she's reverted to the 11th again. I guess 9/11 will always be one of those 'Do you remember where you were when' events
Needled Mom said…
Happy birthday to Tom. I am sure that his birthdays were forever changed after that fateful day in 2001.
Happy Birthday to Tom. I have another day like that in my life: July 31. On that same day same year, both my parents were killed in a flash flood and my son was born. Two such bittersweet days in my life.
Tom's birth made me feel like a vicarious grandmother, but I had to wait another 18 years before I became one in fact. Tom was a beautiful baby and a charming toddler and appears to have grown up into a charming and handsome dude - and musical, to boot!
Happy Birthday to Tom. Its lovely that he is married and happy and that there is joy to celebrate on September 11.
*karendianne. said…
Life trumps National Mourning. In my humble opinion. I'd rather be connected to Tom's day, your memory because it generates good feelings and that's how we're supposed to live.

Celebrate Life with Love, *karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven