Dressmaking Interlude Concluded

Well, you know, I really enjoyed making this dress, but that doesn't mean I'm going to get back into the clothing sewing mode any time soon! I enjoyed it because I was making it for someone I love -- one of my [two] mommy-to-be daughters-in-law. This lady is a professional musician (yes, and every once in a while, we have her harp actually living in our home and can hear her practicing!) and people in orchestras have to wear long black dresses for performances.

I had this lovely black fabric that a friend had given me (not suitable for quilting) and a pattern left over from my daughter's pregnancy. I even had some lining fabric. So I had to buy a zipper and a package of lace seam tape. Took about a week to get it together, because it was a busy week on other fronts.

I like how it turned out. The fabric is soft. The style is simple. The zipper is pretty straight and so is the hem.

She'll be home on Thursday and we'll see how it fits.

The photographs are terrible. They remind me of something you wouldn't buy on Ebay. In actuality, the sleeves are the same length.

Now, back to quilting!


quiltmom anna said…
Its a lovely dress and I am sure - she will be touched by your generosity to create something especially for her.

On another front, I really enjoyed your COW piece- it made me burst out laughing at the acronym.

Thanks for always staying true to yourself- kind, caring, with a great sense of humor.
Warmest regards,
Unknown said…
It's always difficult to photograph clothing on coathangers - they're meant to fit people :o) I'm sure she'll love it - it looks the right balance of comfortable and elegant - just the job!
Lori said…
That is so niec Nancy and it really doen look good. I had to crack up at "The zipper is pretty straight and so is the hem". Hems were always the hard part for me!!!
Tanya said…
Well done! I don't know when I've made a dress that I could wear! We'd love to see the dress modeled when the receipient recieves it.