Journal Covers

This past weekend while we were at our quilting retreat, generous Pat gave a lesson on making journal covers. She used a technique from Wanda's tutorial (Wanda, BTW, is the most prolific quilter on the face of the earth; she even puts Turbo to shame!). I'd read the tutorial and perhaps even printed it out. But I never did anything with it.

Dear Pat brought along some small notebooks for us to cover, and she even brought a bag of scraps. I had a ball! I don't have a photograph of that first attempt -- I brought it home and gave it to my friend yesterday morning. But here is a picture of the next two. And there is another one made since that photograph was taken.

I'm loving this! And it all comes out of scraps!

Thanks, Pat!

Thanks, Wanda!


Pat said…
Geez, Nance! I channelled Wanda's spirit to PA and unleashed a flippin' monster!! She is a gifted teacher & has a knack for lighting a spark. Darned good thing she didn't have a tutorial on covers for your photo. TOTALLY different than the ones you did this weekend, and probably not nearly as time-consuming (admit it, you went nutso piecing the first one)!
Pat said…
missed a word. That was supposed to be "covers for cars".
You are welcome and I am glad your group had so much fun making them. They do make great gifts and are pretty much instant gratification compared to quilts.